Downsides of Classpass

February 6, 2024

Class pass can be a great way to start your fitness journey, but once you find a place you truly love and want to go to consistently, you will quickly find the downsides of Class pass. Here is a list of the common complaints we have heard from our Classpassers.



  1. You cannot go to the same place multiple times each month. Sometimes the app limits you going to the same place more than once a week or sometimes once a month depending on which membership you get with them.
  2. Late fees and Cancellations – When you cancel a class within the 12 hour window, Class pass will charge you a fee that goes straight to Class pass and the hosting studio has no say in it. We do not charge a late fee or a fee to cancel a class at our studio, but Class pass does and we see no profit from it.
  3. No show – If you do not show up to a class, Class pass will still charge your points for that class Vs just reaching out and letting us know the circumstances, as a member we can make sure you get to keep the classes you paid for.
  4. Consistency – Class pass does not promote consistency towards your goals or hold you accountable, but we do. We are here for you every step of the way and check up on all of our members frequently to make sure they are happy and getting the results they are looking for.


Class pass does have a place, but if you want to consistently work towards your goals, and support the local businesses you love, going directly to the business for the service is the best way to go. We all wonder why our favorite small businesses go out of business, but when we are always trying to pay the least amount to get their service, it makes sense why small businesses can not last in this economy.

About the Author: dawnpatrolyoga