February Weekly Updates

January 25, 2024

 If you are getting our weekly updates and like this format, please let us know by emailing us back at [email protected]. If you would like updates another way, please tell us this as well and we will adapt our efforts at getting your all our studio news.

1. Yoga Anatomy Training

    This February Brandon will be hosting a yoga anatomy training for teachers. Although this is for teachers, if you would like to learn more about yoga poses, anatomy, how to adapt them and the physiology, this class is for you. You can book this class under events on the Mindbody  app, or by going to the dates on the schedule. These classes will be on 2/17, 2/24, 3/2 and 3/16. Each class will be 1-1.5 hours long.



2. Partner Yoga Workshop

 S If any of you have wanted to bring your partner or loved one to a yoga class and practice some poses together, here is your chance! Michel will be hosting a partnered yoga work shop on February 17th. You can book online or by using the Mindbody app. Go ahead and scroll the schedule to that date and you can easily book.

3. January Challenge

           If you know and love our studio, tell a friend. This month started our 3 month challenge of bringing in friends and family to the studio. Not only will this help us grow as a family, but it will also help you stay consistent with your New Years Resolutions, and it will change the life of one of your best friends.

     Each month January – March the goal is to bring in at least 2-3 friends per month or a total of 8 by the end of March. We will be giving away free swag to those who participate and 20% off Manduka products.

4. Yoga Nidra

           If you know and love Shivani, you know this one will be good! February 25th she will be hosting a Yoga Nidra event.

Yoga Nidra can translate to Yogic Sleep, a state of effortless relaxation. Through guided meditation we arrive into a space of consciousness between awake and asleep. A balancing practice that promotes awareness and letting go while also being beneficial for struggles with sleep regulation. This evening practice will begin with a bit of gentle movement, intention setting, and education on Yoga Nidra. Bring a blanket and optional eye mask/pillow.


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