Weekly Updates 1/23/24

January 21, 2024

 Studio Updates

1. Class Schedules

The class schedules are going to start getting back to normal with Shivani and other teachers coming back from Holiday breaks.

That being said, be on the look out for some new teachers and classes being offered. One in specific Olha teaching a Friday 10:15    55+ class and some of the teachers hosting lots of more events.

2. Yoga and Exercise

Some of you might be adding yoga to your workout schedule or vice versa. Yoga and weight training or other workouts  are great compliments to each other if done right.

A great way to schedule this out is two days of workouts per week, say Tuesday and Thursday, then the other Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can come to yoga classes.

Another angle to think about is when doing your other workouts, make sure to focus on other muscle groups you do not workout in yoga class. Make sure to add in some pull ups, weighted carries, dead lifts or other conditioning exercises. Doing this will make sure your workouts are complimenting your yoga practice and you will see huge results in your goals.

3. January Challenge

If you know and love our studio, tell a friend. This month started our 3 month challenge of bringing in friends and family to the studio. Not only will this help us grow as a family, but it will also help you stay consistent with your New Years Resolutions, and it will change the life of one of your best friends.

Each month January – March the goal is to bring in at least 2-3 friends per month or a total of 8 by the end of March. We will be giving away free swag to those who participate and 20% off Manduka products.


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