Membership Options

6 month unlimited membership


$840 unlimited membership saving you $20 per month which auto renews every 6 months. This membership gets you into one class every day if you would like to come with a session rate of $5 per session, and can be paused or updated with a 30 day notice of your next renewal.



Our monthly unlimited membership offers our second cheapest option at $5.50 per class and allows you to come daily. Try using our promo code Dawnpatrol50 on Mindbody to get your First Month HALF OFF. This membership can be changed or updated with a 30 day notice.

2 Sessions per Week


2 classes per week at $15 per class and can be changed or updated with a 30 day notice.


/one time purchase

10 classes at $17 per class


/one time purchase

20 classes at $12 per class


/one time purchase


First class free

Your Questions Answered

Each class has a 15 minute window between where the instructor will unlock and open the door to allow the prior class to leave and new people to arrive. DO NOT come in while a class is in session, we do not have a waiting area. Once the door is open, you will have 15 minutes to get ready for the next class.

Best ways to contact are by email or phone.

We are a month to month membership gym, which means if you need to pause or cancel your membership, you just need to give a 30 day notice either after class, or via email.

We have parking spots in the front of our studio, but sometimes it gets a little packed. If so, we also have 8 parking spots around the backside of the studio.

Yoga mats, water and a bathroom are provided, just bring youself, a towel and water.

We do it Hawaiian style around here, shoes are left at the door for all classes, even the workouts.