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Dawn Patrol Yoga is not your typical yoga studio. Located 3 miles from the beach in Huntington Dawn Patrol is a one of a kind semi-private studio that offers a variety of yoga classes and a specialized Calisthenics class to meet all aspects of your health and fitness goals.

“After years of over training doing workouts, coaching people every day, training in jiu jitsu, and surfing hours every day my body had it. At only 23 I felt burnt out all the time and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.During the Covid-19 pandemic, as we all know gyms were shut down. I decided to focus on my health as a whole, not just working out. I stopped doing traditional strength and conditioning for sports almost completely and started doing yoga and stretching every day before running to the beach to surf. After a few months, my energy started going back to normal, and I started taking myself off of my thyroid medication. Yoga helped my body recover and has brought me to where I am today.” – Brandon