2 Year Anniversary

January 10, 2024

We are so happy to Celebrate 2 years since our opening.
2 years ago, this is what Dawn Patrol looked like. A little different than what you see now don’t you think?
Dawn Patrol came about as a way to bring new light to people that had never experienced yoga before, or even to people who had, but wanted something different. We offer such a special experience in our studio, and a family like environment you will never get at a studio with 40 people in each class.
It was a slow start our first year at the studio, and we had so many changes we could have never imagined. You can definitely say, doing yoga teaches you how to go with the flow.
Here is a photo from one of our first classes, when we were in the middle of deciding to do workout classes or strictly yoga. Still trying to fit into our vibe and find our niche, we had committed people willing to stick with us through the journey.
  We couldn’t be happier with the amount of fun classes, events and timeless memories that have been created this year.
I promise to you, to keep evolving and to keep pushing the limits of what Dawn Patrol can be, and what we can provide for you, our amazing members. Thank you.

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