Price Comparison

October 29, 2023

When doing a price comparison, I’ve had a few members wanting to switch over from the $159 unlimited membership where you can come every day if you’d like, to the new 20 pack membership. This 20 pack does have the pro of lasting 6 months, but when you break it down, it is $12.50 per session.

When talking to the members and looking at their visit history, we added up the amount of time’s they were coming in per month, and they were able to see that one of them was coming in enough with their unlimited membership that their class rate was $10.60 per class, and the others was $13.25 per class.  So for one of these members it made total sense to stay on the unlimited membership because they were coming in so often, if they switched to the 20 pack they would be spending an extra $32 per month. This member was coming in 16 times per month, so the 20 pack would have only lasted them an extra 4 days, so every month and 4 days, they would have been spending $240 instead of $159!?

This really goes to show, do the math first before you try and switch over. When you really want to make yoga a part of your daily practice it makes way more sense to be on a membership that renews monthly, when you are actually taking advantage of the benefits, and better yet, there is no long term contract and you can update your membership with a 30 day notice.

About the Author: dawnpatrolyoga