Marketing For Yoga Studios

October 21, 2023

As a growing yoga entrepreneur, I consistently am looking for ways to better my company during that search one of the biggest things to grow company is marketing, unfortunately, the majority of the marketing material that I find from yoga instructors, or  yoga “” entrepreneurs” that have barely made a dime and are trying to sell you something, is to  further their own financial standings. There is so much free marketing material or good ideas online and you do not have to pay for this, this morning, I sat through a hour podcast specifically called Profitable yoga business and by the end of it all I had learned was the names of five marketing techniques, and how if I want to learn the details of these techniques that I have to pay for her upcoming course that she tried to coax her audience into like talking to a little baby with excitement, or excitedly talking to a dog to try and coax them to do something that they wanted. This type of thing is really starting to get on my nerves when I have been searching for professionals that have done this before me and they are only giving out information that again I can find online for free.

Just to add some value to this, and not only complain, I want to share with you what I have found in the last two years to be the best marketing and the most profitable.

1. Getting recognized and standing out – It took about eight months before people realized that my yoga studio was actually there. Some of the biggest things that made my studio stand out was a bigger sign on the top of my building, feather flags around the vicinity and a post in the garden in the front of the studio at a lower visual points that also said yoga classes. Again it took people that live within 3 miles or less around the studio about eight months to realize that my yoga studio was actually there because they were so used to the previous business.

2. Linking my website with Yelp and Google analytics – Every time someone clicks a link from Yelp or Google, it takes them to my website and the first thing that they get asked is for a 15 minute phone consultation and how they found us.

3. Word of mouth – Once people find you and enjoy you. Make sure to tell them to tell others about you. This is the number one thing I think to get the word out about your business or whatever else you are doing, is to ask people who enjoy your business to tell others about it. This is slow growing, but we are not in this game to grow fast. We are in this game to grow long-term and stick around forever.

4. Postcard marketing – I use Vista print to make postcards that have a QR code directly to my website and again that QR code takes people to my website asking them for that 15 minute consultation and how they found out about us. These postcards gets sent out to a specific audience within a 1 to 3 mile radius around the studio and on Vista print  you can even pinpoint certain addresses where people make a specific amount of income. When you were trying to sell a high-end product you want to get high end purchasers.


At Dawn Patrol Yoga, we offer a one of a kind experience where you come into a studio, everything you need is provided for you and we have small classes of 7-8 people where you can get more attention on your practice.  Other studios would charge $70 an hour for a semi-private class of 5 people. For 2-3 more people you are getting the same amount of attention, and paying the same rate $124-$159/month as a normal yoga studio charges for having 15-30 people in a class. If you want to not only see the best bang for your buck, but also see major results in your yoga practice, give us a call at 714-698-9774 or book your first free intro session on our website.

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