Instructor Highlight- Izzy

March 28, 2023


Hello I am Izzy 👋. I am a Mother, amateur boxer and yogi. I began my yoga journey as a means to fix my postpartum back pain. After two weeks of consistent practice I was hooked. I knew I wanted to teach after my first experience having one of my teachers physically adjust my Warrior 2. With her guidance, it finally clicked and my practice matured. That “ah-ha” moment brought energy into my practice. Yoga was no longer boring. I love the practice of yoga because it brings me back to myself, centers me and grounds me. This practice is crucial to my mental and physical well being. As an athlete I do enjoy a good sweat, stretch and strengthen but as a Mother and someone affected by constant stimuli I have a grown appreciation for Restorative yoga. My teaching style is nurturing, playful and contemplative.


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