11-5-23 Updates and Coping With Candy – Studio Updates and Lifestyle Advice

November 5, 2023

Hey readers, have you been dealing with your kids wanting too much candy this week after Halloween? Well save this trick for your kids next year.

Next year after your kids hunt down buckets of candy, convince them to pick out their favorite seven pieces of candy. (One piece for each following day of the week.) After picking their candy, tell them a story about “The Switch Witch” that comes every year after Halloween to collect her candy for the  following year. (Of course this is what she eats all year.) The Switch Witch will swap their candy for a nice little toy outside the front door the next morning for your kids to find. This way you get the best of both worlds. Your kids get to trick or treat, eat candy for a few days, get a toy, but not get over filled with sugar.

Speaking of sugar, the next time you are getting upset at your kids for eating to many pieces of candy at once, I want you to take a good hard look at the food you are giving them on a daily basis. Towards the end of the 90’s when everyone blamed fat as the route of all evil, sugar took it’s place in almost all cases in food. Now days you are hard pressed to find food with less than 6g of sugar PER SERVING.

When shopping at the grocery store, this following week I want you to try and find a version of the food you are looking for with the least amount of ingredients, and the least amount of sugar in it. I guarantee, you are feeding your kids sugar packed meals without even knowing it.

Reducing your sugar intake throughout the day will have tremendous long term benefits for you and your kids, so I really hope that you can make these fun new little lifestyle changes.


This Weeks Updates

  1. We have a new instructor coming in named Niko teaching the Wednesday morning power flow classes. Try out his class and let me know what you think at [email protected]
  2. Make sure to keep an eye out on the announcements board in the studio for all upcoming events.
  3. Are you all wanting to have classes around Thanks Giving and Christmas? Let me know your thoughts. [email protected]

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