Want to surf like a kid again?

January 9, 2023

Today I surfed for 4 hours and 45 minutes, or at least that’s what my watch said, someone asked me how I can do that so here it is. Want to surf like a kid again and be out in the water for 5 hours? Here’s how.


  1. Yoga- Come try our yoga classes, every day we have a 30 minute Dawn Patrol class just for surfers. I used to do workouts multiple times a week for myself and with professional surfers. Although I was stronger, I would get sore which would shorten my sessions. With yoga, you maintain your strength, improve your flexibility and your recovery time is drastically less.
  2. Hydration- If I wake up and I am going to go surf, after doing yoga I’ll drink about 32oz of water or my big hydro flask, this helps with muscle stiffness in the morning and keeps me hydrated for the session.
  3. Caffeine- I’ll be the first to admit I drink too much caffeine, but used wisely, caffeine can bring you back to a baseline in the morning, help reduce the feeling of fatigue, and suppress your appetite. I’ll drink a cup of coffee in the morning along with my water before heading out. (Disclaimer, caffeine does not actually give you energy, it tells your brain you are not tired by affecting the receptors of your brain. It has multiple other benefits, but if you are addicted to drinking to caffeine daily, having your morning cup is a must, and will bring your body back to baseline. Yes caffeine is an addiction and is a drug. We just like it.)
  4. Fasting/Food limiting- I do not eat before surfing. Leaving your stomach empty is the best way to stay out in the water longer. You will not get that heavy feeling after eating, your body is focused on surfing and not trying to digest a meal which is crucial to surfing longer. Another great benefit to this is that if through out this time you have only drank water, and black coffee, your body will remain in a fasted state and be burning fat for fuel. Hello weight loss!  After surfing, fuel back up on some water, and break your fast with some fruit or the occasional donut. (We know the healthier option, but mmm donuts are good.)

This is real, there is no fluff, I don’t want to write about unattainable ways to surf longer, be healthier and live a better life.  Crazy diets are not the way to go, and neither is hours in the gym. Our goal is to move better, surf better, and surf longer. This is how I do it.

About the Author: dawnpatrolyoga