Sign yourself up

January 2, 2023

Signing up is easy, click book now or contact, send us over your info and we will contact you to set up your first class.

If you would like to sign yourself up here are the steps.

  1. Click schedule on our website
  2. Scroll down to a class you would like to take in the coming days, if it doesn’t let you on a class for that day, try the next day.
  3. Scroll down to where it says drop in or “Not a member? Create an Account to purchase.”
  4. Follow the steps to creating an account.
  5. Zen planner will send you a password email if the option is not presented during sign up.
  6. Download the Zen planner member app using your log in.
  7. Reserve classes up to two days in advance.
  8. Classes have 15 minutes between every class for the prior class to leave and the next class to show up. Please do not enter the studio during another class.

About the Author: dawnpatrolyoga